During my degree in Bachelor in Fine Arts at Digipen I was able to work in various game projects. During the development of those games I realized that I liked to work in the design process of the games. So, when I finished the degree, I directly searched for an option to increase my knowledge in game design, and so I entered the master in Game Design at U-tad.

During my years at college and professional carrier, I had the opportunity to work in different semiprofessional and professional teams and projects and get expertise in the design process.

Nowadays I work as a senior Game Designer at Keplerians game, where I work in all parts of the game design process.

During the designing process, I work according to this rules:

  1. Keep it simple, but complete. A game must have all the features needed to make it fun. No more, no less.
  2. Preproduction is the key to success. A good Game Design Document at the beginning of the project is essential.
  3. No fun, no game. If the player is not able to experience what we designed, we have failed to achieve our goal.
  4. Feedback, feedback everywhere. The designer should have in mind all the different kind of feedbacks when developing the experience.
  5. Listen to everybody and communicate clearly. It’s our duty to be able to talk to the team and communicate our ideas in a proper way.
  6. Iterate. And once we are done, iterate again. Never stop in the first idea you get, keep working on it refining it until it feels flawless.
  7. After all, we are a team. Make sure that everybody has a clear picture of the game so everybody works in the same direction.


  • Level design (High)
  • Interface design (Medium-High)
  • Game Mechanic design (High)
  • Puzzle design (High)
  • Presentation montage (High)


  • Unreal engine 4 (Medium-High)
  • Unity3D (Medium)
  • Adobe illustrator (Medium)
  • (Medium-High)
  • Microsoft office (Medium-High)